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Welcome to the wiki of the UPIS Batch 2016 5-Kanlaon. We will be posting stuff here about us so watch out. However, one person suggested that this site would be edited or even abandoned before this section moves on to the 6th Grade, which means that this wiki should be renamed "Batch 2016" ONLY. Ciao! :)

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5-Kanlaon is a current section of the 5th grade in UPIS (University of the Philippines Integrated School). Batch 2016 got to the 5th grade at the academic year 2010-2011. For us we are the home of the best (NOT) students of our batch and the best (Again, NOT) groups of best friends like BEBSXZ and Friendz (Formerly BSK: Buwisit Sa Kanlaon). These groups are currently having a feud, mainly because of a certain JERK who is very, very, idiotically violent and...stupid.

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