5-Kanlaon consists of 33 students, 17 boys and 16 girls. For 2010, Kanlaon has 2 advisers. There are more than 10 pairs or groups of best friends in Kanlaon.

Girls of KanlaonEdit

  • Anna Angelique "Gala" P. Angala
  • Faith Febe B. Austria
  • Stephanie Julienne "Steph"N. Bello
  • Alliah Denise M. Bron
  • Ligia Griselda "Gia" D. Daroy
  • Aleena Trisa H. de Ocampo
  • Hillary Kate "Hilly" F. Fajutagana
  • Urielle Justine "Yelle" B. Lilang
  • Mary Christine Llorente
  • Caitlin Vea V. Norona
  • Jewel Faye Q. Orceo
  • Paola Victoria "Pao" P. Pagulayan
  • Rebeca "Beca" R. Sinchongco
  • Rachel T. Siringan
  • Putri Layla "Lay" T. Wadi

Boys of KanlaonEdit

  • Gyles Maverick "Mev" O. Abac
  • Joshua Adrian Luis "Josh" S. Ambong
  • Benjamin "Benj" I. Aquino
  • Lemuel Marc "Potpot" V. Bonife
  • Angelo "Gelo" C. Cinco
  • David "Dave" B. De Layola
  • Aldous Ayal "Doy" O. dela Peña
  • Gerald Kristof "Gboy" L. Diola
  • Norman Aeronn "Libag" L. Feliciano
  • Lamberto "Butchoy" M. Fonseca III
  • Josef Paul "Jopol" L. Gelera
  • Emmanuel "Emman" G. Jabiguero
  • Cedric "Ced" G.Jacobo
  • Seth Tristan "Caitlin" R. Oliver
  • Nathan Luis "Peter" D. Ramos
  • Giofidel "Gio" L. Sañejo

Advisers of KanlaonEdit

  1. April Daphne F. Hiwatig
  • June 2010-August 2010
  • Science Teacher/Faculty

2. Maria Ronelli "Lhenn Bonita" Espina

  • August 2010-March 18, 2011
  • Science Teacher/Faculty

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